Wardit the Mule

Before you read the story

  • Have you ever avoided somebody that you know?
  • Have you ever crossed over to the other side of the street because you don't want to talk to them?
  • What stopped you saying hello?
  • What were you thinking?

Sometimes people ask questions that you don't want to answer. Their questions make you feel small or stupid.

  • Has this happened to you?
  • What made you want to change the topic?
  • What were you feeling?

Now read the story

Once upon a time, there was a young mule called Wardit. She was clever, and beautiful, but she was very proud.

One day, Wardit went to the river to drink some water.

On the road, she met a handsome young horse.

"Wardit is the most beautiful mule in the world!" thought the horse."I must marry her."

He ran up to Wardit.

"How are you, Wardit?" he said.

"I am fine, thank God," she answered.

"How are you?"

"I am fine, too," the horse said.

"Where are you going?"

"I'm going to the river to drink some water," Wardit said.

"Then let me come with you," said the horse.

"Oh Wardit, you are the most beautiful mule in the world. Let me stay with you! Let me marry you! Please, be my wife!"

Wardit looked at the horse. He was young, and handsome, and strong. "I will marry him," she thought.

"Who are your parents?" the horse asked her. "Who is your father? Who is your mother?"

Wardit turned her head away. She didn't want to answer him.

"Tell me, my dear," the horse said. "Who is your father? I must know the family of my bride."

Wardit laughed. "Oh," she said. "You can see my mother every day. She lives in the palace, and the governor rides her every morning."

"But your father?" the horse said. "Who is he?"

"And my sister," Wardit said, "belongs to the priest. Don't you know her? He rides her to the church."

"Yes," the horse said, "but who is your father? Where is he, and what is his name?"

"And my aunt," cried Wardit, "oh, my aunt is so beautiful! She lives with the headman of the village, and he loves her like his daughter."

"That's very good," the horse said, "but please, dear Wardit, tell me about your father. I want to know about him."

Just then, a poor old donkey came down the road. It was Wardit's father. She looked at him, and she was ashamed.

"My father is only a donkey," she thought, "but the horse is young and handsome. He will not want this poor old animal to be his father-in-law."

The donkey was near Wardit now. She did not greet him. She did not look at him, or smile at him.

"Wardit!" the old donkey said to his daughter. "What are you doing here?"

Wardit didn't answer.

Her father was angry. "What's the matter, my girl?" he said. "Why don't you answer me? Don't you know who I am?"

Wardit said nothing. She didn't want to talk to her father. She didn't look at him.

The horse was angry now. "Who is this foolish old donkey?" he said. "Why is he speaking to you, my beautiful bride?"

"I don't know," said Wardit. "I don't know him."

"You don't know me?" cried the donkey. "But Wardit, I am your ..."

But the horse wasn't listening. "Go away!" he shouted to Wardit's father. "You foolish old donkey. Leave us alone!"

The donkey didn't move. The horse kicked him. The donkey fell down, and the horse kicked him again. The poor donkey's heart broke.

He looked up to the sky. "Oh God," he said. "Did you see this?" And then the donkey died.

God heard the donkey's words. He said to Wardit, "Wardit, your father is dead, and now I must punish you. Horses will have children, and donkeys will have children, but you, the mule, will never have a child. This is your punishment, because you did not respect your father."


Exercises for Wardit the Mule


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