Answers to the Exercises for The Longest Pole in the World

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A. How much did you understand?


Part One

  1. 1/d The new king did not like his father's advisors because he thought they were too clever and he did not trust them.
  2. 2/c The soldiers killed some Mattoni people because they refused to leave the country.
  3. 3/e The king wanted a big, beautiful palace because the kings of other countries had big palaces.
  4. 4/a The king needed a very long pole because the pole would make the pillar in the middle of the palace.
  5. 5/b The king's servants travelled through the forest because they were looking for the tallest tree in the world.


Part Two

  1. 1/c The king's servants did not go home to their families because they were afraid that the king would kill them. 
  2. 2/d The people ran away from the king's servants because they were frightened of them.
  3. 3/a At first, the king's servants did not want to talk to the young man because his clothes were old and dirty.
  4. 4/e The servants couldn't tell the king that their pole was the longest in the world because they didn't have a measuring rod.
  5. 5/b The king's servants were very happy because at last they could go home to their families.


Part Three

  1. 1/d The king was happy when he saw his servants because he thought they had found the longest pole in the world.
  2. 2/c The king was angry because he thought his servants were playing a trick on him.
  3. 3/e The servants told the king about the boy in the forest because he threatened to kill them.
  4. 4/a The king saw that the boy was not a Manno boy because his face was not like a Manno face, and his voice was not like a Manno voice.
  5. 5/b The king was ashamed because he had been wrong to punish the Mattoni people.


B. Where, who, what


Answer these questions

  1. The Manno people were tanners. What did they make?
  2. When the king sent the Mattoni people away, where did they go?
    Into the forest
  3. Who looked after the little Mattoni boy?
    A kind Manno family
  4. The king wanted something big and beautiful. What was it?
    A palace
  5. What did the king need to make the pillar of his palace?
    A long pole
  6. Where did the king's servants go to look for the pole?
    Into the forest
  7. The king's servants came to a village. Who lived there?
    Manno people and the Mattoni boy
  8. What did the king's servants fetch, before they began to sing and dance?
    A drum
  9. Who went to the forest, to find the Mattoni boy?
  10. After his return from the forest, where did the Mattoni boy live?
    In the palace with the king