Exercises for The Bride's Test

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A. How much did you understand?


These sentences retell the story. Are they true or false?

  1. The young man and the girl met when the girl was going to fetch water.
  2. The girl agreed to run away with the young man.
  3. The young man, his friend and the girl walked all night, and in the morning they were hungry.
  4. The girl told the young man to find her some food.
  5. The girl wanted to find twigs to brush their teeth.
  6. In the middle of the day, the young man's friend rested with his shoes on.
  7. Some kind people in a village gave them food to eat.
  8. The young man, his friend and the girl didn't finish eating all the meat.
  9. The girl married the young man's friend.


B. What did the girl mean?


The young man doesn't understand the meaning of the girl's words, but his friend explains them. 

These sentences are what the girl says. Match them to the friend's explanations below.

  1. "Let's find something to put in our mouths."
  2. "Why don't you rest?"
  3. "Some of the meat is still left. Let's get rid of it."


  1. "Some of the meat is stuck between our teeth. She wants us to get it out."
  2. "Let's find some twigs to brush our teeth with."
  3. "The young lady sees your shoes. Why are you still wearing them?"


C. Where, what, when, who?


Answer these questions.

  1. What was the girl doing when the boy met her?
  2. When did the young man come to take her away?
  3. Where did the young man want to take her?
  4. When did they sit down to rest?
  5. Who gave them some food?
  6. What did the girl use to clean her teeth?
  7. In the evening, the three travellers arrived somewhere. Where was it?
  8. Who said, "I made a mistake." 


D. What do you think?


Was the girl right to marry the young man's friend?

Do you feel sorry for the young man?

Do you think that the girl and her husband will be happy together?


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