Exercises for Part 1: The Lion's Wedding

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A. How much did you understand?


 In the beginning of this story the bridegroom is going to his bride's village to marry her.

Put these sentences in the right order.

  1. Suddenly, a lion jumped out of the bushes.
  2. Then the lion put on the bridegroom's clothes and he began to drive the cows to Fatuma's village.
  3. Again, the lion fell to the ground, and the bridegroom was on top of him. 
  4. So the lion tied the bridegroom's left hand behind his back.


Then the lion marries Fatuma.

Put these sentences in the right order.

  1. "We will test him, then," said her father.
  2. "Bring me raw meat," answered the lion. "Don't cook it at all."
  3. The next morning, the lion woke up very early.
  4. The lion took off his clothes, and Fatuma saw his fur.


B. Who said these sentences?


Who said these sentences?

  1. "Is he handsome? Is he clever?"
  2. "Who is the strongest? You or me?"
  3. "What do you like to eat?"
  4. "I can't sleep on this bed!"
  5. "What is it, Fatuma? Are you sick?"
  6. "His teeth are long, and his body is covered with fur."
  7. "Do you want us to be ashamed?"
  8. "Why is the village still asleep?"


C. Questions with "what"


Answer these questions

  1. What was the bridegroom doing when the lion jumped out of the bushes?
  2. What did the lion tie behind the bridegroom's back?
  3. What did the lion want to eat?
  4. What did the lion want to sleep on?
  5. What did Fatuma see when the lion took off his clothes?


What do you think?


Why did the bridegroom let the lion tie his hands behind his back?

Why didn't Fatuma's parents believe her?

Do you think that girls are sometimes afraid of their husbands when they get married?   


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