Exercises for The Crane, the Fox and the Vulture

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A. How much did you understand?


There are two parts to this story. In the first part, the fox tricks the crane, and the vulture comes to the rescue.  


These sentences retell the story. Put them in the right order.

  1. "If I don't give my babies to the fox," said the crane, "he will cut down the tree and eat them all."
  2. The crane was frightened of the fox, and she threw one of her chicks to him.
  3. A fox heard the crane's baby chicks, and he wanted to eat them.
  4. A vulture heard the crane crying.
  5. "The fox hasn't got an axe," the vulture said to the crane.


In the second part of the story, the vulture tricks the fox, and flies away safely.


These sentences retell the story. Put them in the right order.

  1. The vulture said to the fox, "Don't throw me over the cliff!"
  2. The vulture ate a lot of grain and fell asleep.
  3. The fox caught the vulture and put her in the grain store.
  4. The fox wanted to catch the vulture, and he put meat on his head and waited.
  5. The fox threw the vulture over the cliff and she flew away.


B. Where?


Answer these questions.

  1. Where was the crane's nest?
  2. Where was the fox when he heard the chicks?
  3. Where was the vulture when she heard the crane crying?
  4. Where was the vulture when she looked down at the fox?
  5. Where did the fox sit with the piece of meat on his head?
  6. Where did the fox put the vulture the first time he caught her?
  7. Where was the vulture when she fell asleep?
  8. Where did the fox take the vulture the second time he caught her?
  9. Where did the fox throw the vulture?
  10. Where was the vulture when she called to the fox?


C. What do you think?


Who was the cleverest character in this story?

Who was the most frightened?

Can small and weak people ever win against strong and cruel ones?

Can you think of any examples?


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