Exercises for The Monkey’s Birthday

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A. How much did you understand?


Put these sentences in the right order.

  1. "Oh," said the monkey. "I was born on the very first day." 
  2. The hyena, the fox and the monkey lived together in one house.
  3. They gave the fourth cow to the fox.
  4. "It wasn't last year," the hyena said. "Or the year before that."
  5. "You are right," said the fox. "I remember it well." 
  6. "The oldest one can have it," said the fox.
  7. They took four cows from a farmer in the village.


B. What do you think?


The clever fox tricks the hyena and the monkey. He is clever, but was he right to trick them?

Do clever people always win against other people?

How can people protect themselves against clever tricks?


C. Jokes


This little story is a kind of joke. It has a clever and funny ending.

Do you know any good jokes? Ask your friends to tell some jokes. Which of your jokes are the best?


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